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Image owned by, and courtesy of, Lis Anna-Langston. Check out her work,

because I wouldn't be half the writer I am if she wasn't as talented as she is. 

Born in the mountains of southern West Virginia, J Thomas Meador comes from a family rich with liars, fibbers and professional storytellers. Raised on a steady diet of folktales and songs, his parents encouraged creativity, imagination and a sense of wonder in all its forms. ​He spent his childhood searching for Narnia in his grandmother's wardrobe, wishing for tornados to take him to Oz, and digging (where he wasn't supposed to) for buried treasure.


Passionate about character and the very building blocks of storytelling, he moved to California and studied screenwriting in his early 20's. After returning to the east coast he began working with Out of the Way Productions, in areas as varied as acting, writing (adaptation), and producing.  


Eventually he began toying with novels and short stories -- spending far too long studying their nature, instead of exploring their potential. With goals set he started writing. Over the years his stories have been set in gay bars, roadside honk-tonks, downtown attic apartments, tranquil mountain towns, gated communities, and even on fire escapes. Among the residents of his cluttered mind, some of his favorites include adulterers, little old ladies seeking redemption, pot smoking existentialists, and rednecks ready to party. 


J Thomas Meador currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. 

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